Saturday, June 27, 2009

Preserving Nature - POWER full Part II

Here are few quite a easy steps which WE CAN

1. How many of us put our systems to sleep while stepping out of cabin for lunch or coffee? We all wait for the system to go to sleep on its own after 15 mins isnt it? Y yaar? Save some electricity na? Its not for the company which is not paying you for your potential but for the globes degrading resources. Think of how much we crib when theres no power..

2. Do we all switch off the lights, fans etc while stepping out of our room? Do you know how many units of power is wasted that way? Our brain is sharp enough to remember that right?

3. How many of us use the wasted one side papers in our office for some scribbling we do (This is only for people who use papers, system savys are saved)

4. Do we all let the mobile to be charged throughout the night? Your mobile needs hardly 2 hrs of charging.

5. When we are on a outing, why all of us ride our own loving vehicle. Let ur friend be the driver on those occasions na. Enjoy such privileges and avoid the extra fuel. How many times we get driver for our two wheelers and cars

6. Why let ur mom reheat the food for your convenient time? why cant everyone in our family dine together? It helps build the relationship better, preserves the nutrients in your food and makes you stronger right?

How to overcome plastic usage

Hey! We all knew that we are in a world of plastics. Do we ever try to avoid the least of it?

Try these friends, it works

1. If you are a female, you always have a big space in your stylish handbag to carry a polythene cover which you already got while purchasing something. Carry it in your bag, so that you can avid new additions of plastic bags

2. If you are on a planned purchase, something which involves a requirement of a bulky bag, carry one stylish bag you already have. Nothing wrong in it.

3. You know something? Supermarkets and big shopping malls (Selected few), gives discounts on your purchase when you avoid their plastic bags. Offcourse it might be a penny or 10 bugs. I dont say you need to save such small expense. But you can save your mother nature a bit and a hungry stomach if possible. That adds to your noble cause

4. While we are starting for a tour, we fancy buying a water bottle (most of you are aquafina fans right?). But as you carry you dresses and all other kits from home, why not the water bottle in home?

Just think and try implementing few of it.

Theres nother interesting facts dear

V all feel bad to carry cloth bags right (that Manjal pai). When we carry that, really few people ask me why am carrying that? Once they know the reason, you should see the respect in their faces. enjoy such respect from unknown people na...

Really most of the people now are interested to avoid plastics. But they just dont know how to start with..

These might be quite simple and silly, but it adds a bit to the cause. Lets remember tiny drops makes BIG OCEAN